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  Improving Effectiveness, Achieving Objectives.
Our professionals offer clients the insights and services helping to achieve the most of business marketing objectives. 
We combine the required functional competencies (Strategy, M&A, Implementation, Best Country Sourcing, GR/PR) and industry-specific competencies (Petro/chemicals, Automotive, Gas/Oil/Energy, Construction, Fashion etc.) for each individual project. 

  Providing Proper Answers to Your Market Questions!
Strategic analysis by ICB provides analytical insight and advisory, enabling you to compete more effectively in Russia/CIS and grow into new opportunities. Developed by our team of market intelligence specialists, industry analysts and technology experts, our solutions are comprehensive and totally customized for you.

  To Achieve What Needs to Be Achieved!
It is hard to underestimate the role of the PR in modern business. Effective public relations strategy and behavior require meticulous planning and thorough management. We have developed a special approach to planning any PR campaign to ensure it meets the objectives set or, in other words, achieves what needs to be achieved. The key role plays a set of step-by-step measures which allow carrying out comprehensive analysis, planning, and than performing a successful PR campaign.

One of the Most Effective PR Tools!

Considerable changes in supply and demand fundamentals, soaring feedstock and energy costs, together with profound and rapid structural changes, are all combining to ensure that uncertainty remains the only certainty for the global industry in the past years.


  Information Rules the World!
We also offer a set of informational technology services. First of all we’d like to point your attention on our experience in portal systems development. Each enterprise uses a variety of systems for collecting different data. Our task is aggregating the data from many systems and its consequent analysis...

  Recruitment: Professionals for Professionals!
We specialize in executive recruitment solutions for the global industrial companies which have interests on CIS market (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.).


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Bashkir soda Company has commissioned the air separation unit

The new air separation unit (ASU) was put into operation in nitrogen-oxygen production shop &l...

RusVinyl has started commercial PVC production

RusVinyl LLC, 10/09/2014

Kuibyshev refinery commisions an isomerisation unit

Rosneft, JSC has commissioned an isomerisation unit at Kuibyshev refinery. This unit will allo...

Tomskneftekhim is planning to increase polyolefins production

Polyolefins expansion of production was started on Tomskneftekhim, LLC. It is planned to incre...

Shell announces the characteristics of a new facility in the US

The Anglo-Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell go public an information about the prospective petro...

BASF increases prices for pigments and dyes worldwide

German chemical company BASF announced an increase for numerous pigments and dyes.Prices will ...

PE production in Russia fell by 16% in January-July

The total volume of produced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in January-July 2014 amounted to...

Metafrax increased its profit in 2014 first half by 19%

Metafrax, JSC January-June 2014 net profit calculated in accordance with international financi...

IOC plans to invest RUB 57 bln in gas processing capacities in Ust-Kuta

Irkutsk Oil Company (IOC) plans to invest RUB 57 bln in the construction of facilities for dee...

Cluster of deep hydrocarbon processing can be created on base of Khimprom, JSC (Volgograd)

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation approved the plan for modernization o...

GNS announced a tender for development of project documentation for sulfur production

According to the portal of public procurement, Gazprom neftekhim Salavat (GNS) announced a ten...

TAU Neftekhim launched commercial production of isoprene at Synthez-Kauchuk

Management Company TAU Neftekhim launched commercial production of isoprene at the site of its...

Aquarion opens subsidiary in Kazan

Group Aquarion (Aquarion AG), a supplier of systems, solutions and technologies for waste wate...

The cost of LDPE in Russia exceeded RUB 80,000 in August

According to the Market Report, the cost of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in the Russian mar...

Gazprom is still interested in the launch of PE production in Astrakhan region

According to the report for the first half of 2014, Gazprom retains an interest in the project...

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